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I’m a man in need of a stepping stool and I’m very excited to let you in on a secret… I want you to know three very important things about my place in God’s Creation! First, I come to you from beautiful Northern Alabama where I am currently serving as the Director of Liturgy and Music for St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Madison, Alabama. Second, I am a part of a wonderful loving family with my wife Karen and our two girls Michelle and Megan who help make God’s love real in my life! Third, I have over 23 years years of experience in Diocesan and Parish based Catholic Youth Ministry, as well as six years experience in Guidance Counseling and teaching high school religion at our local Catholic High School in nearby Huntsville, Alabama. What’s the secret? In all three areas I constantly feel the love of God, and I am confident that He has been preparing me to share Christ’s message and serve your needs... Stepping stool not required!

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Greg S. Thompson

48 Years Old

June 11th

Roman Catholic
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YouTube:   youtube/gtministry
Facebook:  The GregCast


Bama and AUM

Degrees: B.A. Communication and a Masters in Education (Counseling)

Favorite Book: Illusions

Favorite Movie: Raising Arizona & Forrest Gump

Favorite Food: Not Pizza

Favorite Quote:

“I would not belong to an organization that would have me as a member!”

-Groucho Marx

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Director of Liturgy and Music at

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church


Madison, Alabama

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speaking, retreats &

DJ events!


Here's What They Say...

Don Schwarzhoff, Director, Office for Youth in the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama

I have known Greg Thompson for over thirteen years. I highly recommend him for your next event or training seminar. He is an accomplished speaker and experienced youth minister – committed to his Catholic faith and to his family. Greg is the director of youth ministry at one of our largest parishes – he leads a busy ministry and yet remains accessible to teenagers, parents, adult volunteers and youth ministers from all over the US and Canada. His message and approach is timely and effective. I’m a fan!

Mike Patin, Nationally-Known Professional Group and Business Facilitator and Catholic Motivational Speaker says...

Greg Thompson is on my short list (no, not because of stature) of people I recommend to others when they ask me for referrals of speakers. I recommend Greg because of his energy, humor, depth and witness to Jesus and the Church. He is an authentic guy who loves teens and knows how to engage a group and deliver a solid message. I’ve enjoyed working as a presenter with Greg on many occasions. He does good work and I never hesitate to recommend him whenever the chance arises.

Bragg Moore, Director of Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Biloxi, Mississippi says...

Greg Thompson is filled with enthusiasm and a strong sense of his Catholic faith that he shares readily with youth. He is a wonderful story teller who weaves his personal journey, filled with joys, sorrows and personal challenges, that cause both young and old a like to examine their own faith experience and how Jesus is moving along with them. He is a remarkable and talented communicator of the Gospel and its values. Greg is one of the best and most effective speakers we have ever had at our annual Youth Celebration.

Warren Dungen, Director of Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Prince Albert, Canada says...

If you are looking for a man who can do it all - with teens and adults - then Greg Thompson is your man! From keynotes to small groups, from moving prayer experiences to creative use of media - Greg has the originality and relevance to meet youth were they are and challenge them to growth deeper in Christ. Coming from a diocesan director, I can testify that Greg can do whatever you need quickly and effectively - and cheaper than those big guys! It is fantastic to hand something over to Greg with only a few conversations, emails and focused planning...then have it turn into gold when you are done. From the minute he steps off the plane to the second he is back on it again - he is totally yours! Be careful and totally forewarned, he likes to visit and spend time with people. You turn around and what do you find? He is talking to the janitor, a parent our one of the teens you have had a tough time reaching. The are laughing and sharing in only a few minutes. People never forget Greg - he always leaves an impression (most of which are one's he is proud of). Greg's ministry experiences are vast and substantial, preparing him for almost any situation...and the one's he is not exactly had before, he will wing-it with dramatic style in Thompson's profound way (surprising both you and him - I'm sure). He even hit it off with my Bishop! The Holy Spirit is alive and well in Greg Thompson and in his ministry. Greg is your best value for any retreat, rally, conference, keynote or training - hands down - you will not be sorry for allowing him into your ministry. If you would like ask more questions about Greg Thompson for a more formal reference feel free to contact me....

Linda Muraski Former Regional Coordinator, Diocese of Knoxville says...

They were the early days in my ministry when I first experienced Greg's incredible ability to reach and transform the hearts of young people. I wish I could adequetely discribe that room full of young people in 1995 who reached out to hold the hands of their neighbors as Greg spoke. His impact on our young people has resulted in numerous invitations on their behalf for him to return to east Tennessee. On each visit he sincerely assures those present of Christ's love and presence in our lives and beautifully challenges each to embrace and live His message. His gift for connecting with young people where they are is an inspiration to all. Greg is so approachable and real that we here in the Diocese of Knoxville not only consider him one of the best keynote presenters we've hosted, but even more so - our dear friend - in Christ.

Angela Turner, Former Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Good Shepherd Parish, Tallahassee, FL

Greg Thompson is one of my favorite speakers because he is open, honest, speaks to the heart of each one of us, is realistic and in touch with the world, and genuinely has a heart for young people. Greg is 'in the trenches' with the rest of us and really knows what works and what doesn't work, he does not waste your time when he comes to speak. He engages everyone and energizes them for the journey! I highly recommend Greg and look forward to the next time we can have him return to our parish!