The GregCast on the Road

GregCast LIVE Presentations...

Motivational Talks (small and large groups)
Parish Retreats/days of reflection for adults and teens
School Faculty/Staff In Service, Student Leadership Training, Class Retreats and Student Assemblies 
Class Guest Lecturer
Various Workshops for adults or teens
Team/Community building sessions
Parent sessions
Parish Missions
Parish Pastoral Council Training and Discernment

“DJ Jazzy Greg”...
Over the last decade, Greg has quietly built a collection of the greatest music of all time, and has solidified himself as the “bestest, shortest, and jazziest DJ in town”.  Book him for your next wedding reception, party, or school dance, and or ask him how you can add a “DJ Jazzy Greg Party” to your next rally or speaking engagement!

GregCast topics...
Adolescence, Challenges/Motivation, Christian Leadership, Commitment, Communication, Confirmation, Evangelization, Faith and Values, Morality, Music and Faith, Parenting Skills, Peer, Pressure, Prayer, Parish Life Planning, Relationship with Christ, Sacraments, Self Esteem, Sexuality, Spirituality, Vocations, and Volunteer Training (to name a few)


July 7

Kirsch Wedding

(DJ Jazzy Greg)

August 18

The GregCast participates in  the “Pink Pump” Beauty Pageant to raise $$ for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF). 6:00pm at Good Shepherd UMC near Madison. SEE FACEBOOK EVENT

September 15

Stoneking Family Birthday Party (DJ Jazzy Greg)

September 22

JPII Catholic High School XC Meet and Homecoming Dance (DJ Jazzy Greg)

October 11-13

The GregCast in Canada

Dioceses of Prince Albert and Saskatoon


October 16

Sophomore Class Retreat

St. X Louisville, KY


October 19

St. John’s Catholic Middle School Dance (DJ Jazzy Greg)

October 26

Holy Family Middle School Dance (DJ Jazzy Greg)


January 26

St. Mark’s Confirmation Retreat, Birmingham (Speaker)

March 4-5

XBSS Leadership, West Hartford, CT (Speaker)

June 15

Cislo Wedding

(DJ Jazzy Greg)

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YouTube:   youtube/gtministry
Facebook:  The GregCast
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Director of Liturgy and Music at

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church


Madison, Alabama

Greg is available for

speaking, retreats &

DJ events!